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Put an editor inside your PC with ClearEdits—editing software that automates ClearWriter’s powerful techniques.
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There are shortcuts to effective writing—secrets that top writers and editors know and use every day. Using these proven techniques, you can communicate with far greater clarity and power. And you can cut the time you spend writing and editing.

ClearWriter’s online training shows you these techniques, delivering lessons that are quick, easy to use, and interactive. ClearWriter teaches the fundamentals of great writing—what we’ve learned from our decades of experience as writers and editors, poring over the best essays, books, and corporate memos to figure out what sets apart the eloquent and the powerful—not the gimmicks too common among some corporate writing trainers.

Easy to use and interactive online writing training
ClearWriter’s 25 online writing courses—nearly 12 hours of instruction—are highly interactive and engaging, providing context-based feedback.

And you can work from anywhere. All that’s needed to take full advantage of ClearWriter’s online system is access to the web.

25 modules to write like a pro
ClearWriter’s online writing course is divided in four parts.

Edit Yourself. Satisfy the most demanding critics by applying hundreds of standard edits to trim fat and eliminate awkward constructions. You’ll learn to tighten sentences, choose the most effective words, instill order in sentences, and avoid common errors using relative clauses and pronouns. View six steps to editing yourself.

Stunning Sentences. Write with precision and eloquence by learning the patterns of effective writing. You’ll learn to organize sentences logically, draw attention to main points, involve the reader, and master the toolbox of powerful writing: repetitions, fragments, parenthetical asides, interjections, semicolons, parallel constructions, deft connections, and stark attachments. View four steps to stunning sentences.

Powerful Paragraphs. Command and sustain your readers’ attention through the course of your argument by crafting solid, coherent paragraphs. You’ll learn to unify paragraphs around a point, bind sentences in a linear flow, make points in compelling ways, and link paragraphs together. View four steps to powerful paragraphs.

Riveting Reports. Save time writing and revising and slash aggravation from team writing projects. Asking careful questions to plan, draft, and refine is essential to a sound writing process. You’ll learn to communicate strong messages by tailoring your writing to its audience and purpose. View seven steps to riveting reports.

Tools to save you time
ClearWriter’s online training also includes planning tools and a searchable database of standard edits.

ClearTips. Find answers quickly for troublesome words, phrases, and points of grammar with our searchable database of writing tips.

ClearPlans. Spend less time planning with ClearPlans, roadmaps for common writing tasks—telling a story, organizing details into logical groups, breaking a subject into parts, explaining a concept—that help you move quickly from messages to a detailed paragraph plan.

ClearWriter online writing training works with most system configurations
If you can get on the Internet, you can use ClearWriter's online course library. You should have at least a 28.8 modem and Internet Explorer® 4.1 or Netscape® 4.5 (or above). Javascript, Java®, and browser cookies must be enabled. In addition, you'll need a monitor with at least 800 x 600 screen resolution. The only plug-in you will need is the Adobe® Acrobat® Reader, available as a free download.

Manage multi-user licenses easily
ClearWriter’s advanced administrative module makes it a convenient and scalable solution, suitable for individuals or organizations. Users can quickly generate reports to monitor their progress, while account administrators can easily manage sign-ups and generate and export individual and summary statistics on user and group progress and performance.

Strategies you won’t find anywhere else
ClearWriter online training is one of a kind, based on our proprietary techniques published in five books by W.W. Norton® and in six copyrighted workbooks written by Communications Development founder Bruce Ross-Larson.

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ClearWriter Online Training, one-year license, single user—$99.95
To purchase a multi-user license, please call the ClearWriter sales office at 202.721.0354 or toll-free at 800.230.0354 or email us at