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For books, articles, and reports that demand the best, consider writing and editing services from Communications Development, ClearWriter’s parent company
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Led by world-class writers and editors, ClearWriter writing workshops fit the needs of every organization—businesses, law firms, universities, and government agencies.

  • Two-day comprehensive writing seminars show you how to transform your organization’s communications, from how to plan and execute team writing projects to the finer points of grammar and usage.
  • One-day workshops on report planning focus on key skills for managing the writing process, especially team writing projects. You’ll learn to tailor your writing to its audience and purpose and to move from main messages to detailed paragraph plans—while keeping key players moving in the same direction.
  • Half-day grammar reviews show you important, but often-forgotten, points of grammar and usage, to eliminate embarrassing errors.
  • Working sessions help you prepare a paragraph-by-paragraph plan for critical documents.
  • Training sessions teach and review key skills for in-house writers and editors.
  • View a sample agenda for a two-day writing workshop.

    Writing workshops—blended training for concrete results
    ClearWriter workshops are often supplemented with online exercises, so that the instructor can concentrate on the most difficult concepts in the classroom. This blended approach increases learning and retention. And since workshop participants retain access to our online course library, a refresher is just a click away. ClearWriter workshop participants also receive ClearEdits, our editing software that works with Microsoft Word®.

    Learn the fundamentals of effective writing
    Too many business writing seminars teach gimmicks. ClearWriter’s workshops are based on our decades of experience as writers and editors, working with demanding clients every day.

    Workshop participants learn core writing skills to dramatically improve the impact, clarity, and quality of their writing—with emphasis on the skills most applicable to their work.

    Good planning skills. Planning is essential for producing clearly written documents, especially for team writing projects—among the biggest writing challenges for any organization. You’ll learn to explicitly identify and convey your messages, to create a paragraph-by-paragraph plan for writing, and to expand that plan with points and supporting details.

    Coherent paragraphs that clearly communicate one point. Paragraphs should communicate the points that support your messages. A succession of loose, unrelated sentences will fail to do that. You’ll learn to apply techniques and structures to command and sustain readers’ attention by crafting solid, coherent paragraphs.

    Concise, interesting, and memorable sentences. Good writers use dozens of sentence structures beyond the five that most people use. You’ll learn to write with precision and eloquence by learning the patterns of good writing.

    Essential words, uncluttered phrases. Many words and phrases, while grammatically and syntactically correct, convey little to readers and often detract. You’ll learn to apply hundreds of standard edits to make sentences clean and concise.

    Writing strategies you won’t find anywhere else
    ClearWriter writing workshops are one of a kind, based on our proprietary techniques published in five books by W.W. Norton® and in six copyrighted workbooks written by Communications Development founder Bruce Ross-Larson.

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