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ClearEdits Clean Up is a free utility that lets writers work with documents containing ClearEdits’ writing improvement advice. When writers receive a marked up document from coworkers, colleagues, professors, and others, they can easily review and accept or reject ClearEdits’ suggestions without purchasing ClearEdits.

To download a single copy of ClearEdits Clean Up for free, simply complete the following form. After you click on "Submit," you will be able to download Clean Up.

Note that Clean Up does not offer editing suggestions—if you need software to mark up your document and to offer editing suggestions, please purchase ClearEdits 5.0. If you already own ClearEdits, you do not need Clean Up (and installing it will cause ClearEdits to stop working)—ClearEdits already includes the Clean Up functions.

For help with installing ClearEdits Clean Up, please see our Installation Guide. And for help using Clean Up, see our User Guide.

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Installing ClearEdits Clean Up
To install ClearEdits Clean Up, you must have software installation privileges. If you have problems installing ClearEdits Clean Up, talk to your system administrator.

1. Download the ClearEdits Clean Up installation package from this web site. The file, “,” can be saved anywhere on your computer, but we suggest saving it where you can find it easily, such as to your desktop.

2. Make sure Microsoft® Word® is closed. Double click on “” to unzip the file and begin installation.

3. Follow the instructions on screen to complete the installation.

ClearEdits Clean Up will be installed as a plug-in for Microsoft Word. Use Clean Up to remove ClearEdits’ suggestions by clicking on the “Clean Up” button on your Word toolbar.

To use ClearEdits Clean Up, you need to ensure that Word is set to allow macros to run. To enable macros, select the “Tools” menu in Word, then “Macro,” then “Security.” In the popup window, select the “Security Level” tab, and select the button for “Low.” You will need to exit then restart Word for the settings to take effect. (Word warns that changing your macro setting to “Low” may leave you unprotected from potentially unsafe macros. Please keep your virus protection software current.)

Using Clean Up
After you have reviewed ClearEdits’ suggestions you can remove all the editing marks by selecting the “Clean Up” button in your Word toolbar. Running Clean Up will not undo the changes you have made to your document; it removes only the boxes, colors, comments, and highlighting. Before using ClearEdits Clean Up you should review the User Guide.

System requirements
ClearEdits Clean Up works on the following Microsoft operating systems: Windows® 95, Windows® 98, Windows® Me, Windows® NT 4.0, Windows® 2000, Windows® XP, Windows® Vista and Windows® 7. ClearEdits Clean Up runs on Microsoft Word® 97, Word® 2000, Word® 2002, Word® 2003, Word® 2007 and Word® 2010.

    Minimum system requirements
  • Pentium® or Pentium Pro®, AMD®, or 100 percent Intel®-compatible processor running at 200 MHz.
  • 64 megabytes of random access memory (RAM).
  • Monitor screen area set at 800 x 600 pixels.

Ideal system environment

  • 100 percent Intel-compatible processor running at 500 MHz or faster.
  • 128 megabytes of random access memory (RAM).
  • Monitor screen area set at 800 x 600 pixels, or higher.
ClearEdits version 5.0,
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