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ClearWriter online training is a great complement to ClearEdits. Learn proven techniques to plan efficiently, write eloquently, and edit quickly.
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ClearEdits editing software is fast and easy to use

A few clicks are all it takes to dramatically improve your writing. With ClearEdits’ quick installation, intuitive interface, and powerful suggestions, you’ll write far more effectively, in far less time.

Compatible with Microsoft Word®, ClearEdits extends Microsoft’s basic built-in grammar checker. Just take the document you’ve written, click a button, and suggestions appear to help you fix common errors in grammar and usage and make your writing more effective.

Thousands of powerful suggestions
ClearEdits comes with many categories of edits, allowing you to tailor it to your needs. Some problems ClearEdits will help you find and fix:

  • Unnecessary words draw attention from important words and ideas.
  • Abstract and unfamiliar words are less effective than words or phrases that are more concrete, more familiar, or more common.
  • Overweight words obscure meaning. Lightening them highlights important words and ideas.
  • Too many "ands" can make sentences too long or too complicated.
  • Weak verbs—idle, common verbs such as do, have, make, provide, and serve—lead to wordy, awkward sentences. ClearEdits helps find nouns or other words that can become stronger verbs.
  • "-ion" words often mark phrases where a simple verb form has been replaced by a cumbersome noun construction. For example, ClearEdits suggests changing “The repetition of a word increases its power” to “Repeating a word increases its power.”
  • Seeming synonyms are often misused words—“between/among,” “which/that,”
  • “comprise/constitute.” ClearEdits helps you pick the right word for your intended meaning.
  • Advanced edits—vector edits—direct you to words and suffixes that signal some of the most common changes to consider in your writing: and, of, which, -ed, and -ion. When combined with the standard edits, vector edits suggest nearly 90% of the changes that experienced editors make in a first editorial pass.

Customize ClearEdits
Perhaps you use fatty sentences but not weak verbs. Or maybe you are often guilty of using long words where shorter ones will do. You can customize ClearEdits to focus on your particular writing foibles as well as to add elements from personal or corporate style preferences. For even more flexibility, ClearEdits allows you to check only part of a document or to use British spelling.

Intelligent scoring to improve your writing
After ClearEdits has analyzed your document, it will summarize your performance in the five Core Edits categories. Scores are normalized for document length and calibrated on hundreds of documents to yield meaningful and consistent results. Scores can be saved to easily track your progress.

Share ClearEdits’ suggestions with anyone with ClearEdits Clean Up
ClearEdits Clean Up is a free utility that lets writers work with documents containing ClearEdits’ writing improvement advice. When writers receive a marked-up document from coworkers, colleagues, or professors, they can easily review and accept or reject ClearEdits' suggestions without purchasing ClearEdits. Download ClearEdits Clean Up.

ClearEdits works with Microsoft Word
ClearEdits works with Microsoft® Word on PCs running Windows® 7, Windows® Vista, Windows® XP and Windows 2000. And it’s backward-compatible with earlier versions. See ClearEdit’s technical specs for more information.

We’ve worked hard, so you don’t have to
Putting an editor inside a PC wasn’t easy. It took distilling the patterns of the best writing, identifying common problems, and systematizing proven solutions—condensing our decades of experience as writers and editors. It took technical wizardry to figure out how to translate this know-how into powerful pattern recognition algorithms. And it took persistence. We’ve spent years honing ClearEdits to ensure that it is reliable and easy to use, evolving with the changing needs of business, education, and government.

ClearEdits is a great value
Hiring a good editor can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. And the costs of bad writing to your business, your career, or your GPA are incalculable. Available for download at just $79.95, ClearEdits is the easiest, most affordable way to transform your writing.

ClearEdits version 5.0,
single-user license—$79.95
To purchase multiple copies, please call the ClearWriter sales office at
202.721.0354 or toll-free 800.230.4204 or email us at