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Weak modifiers

Weak modifiers, permissible perhaps once in a manuscript for emphasis, can almost always be removed without changing the meaning of a sentence.

active CUT
actively CUT
actual CUT
actually CUT
any CUT
available CUT
both CUT
careful CUT
carefully CUT
certain CUT
certainly CUT
comparative CUT
comparatively CUT
definite CUT
definitely CUT
effective CUT
eminent CUT
eminently CUT
existing CUT
fortunately CUT
herself CUT
himself CUT
hopefully CUT
in fact CUT
in general CUT
in particular CUT
in the future CUT
in the past CUT
indeed CUT
inevitably CUT
itself CUT
meaningful CUT
meaningfully CUT
namely CUT
necessarily CUT
needless to say CUT
now CUT
over time CUT
overall CUT
particular CUT
particularly CUT
per se CUT
pretty CUT
quite CUT
rather CUT
real CUT
really CUT
related CUT
relatively CUT
respectively CUT
somewhat CUT
specific CUT
themselves CUT
total CUT
unfortunately CUT
very CUT

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