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Put an editor inside your PC with ClearEdits—editing software that automates ClearWriter’s powerful techniques.
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Proposals and reports accumulate every day in cities and capitals worldwide. How can you focus attention on yours?

ClearWriter can help. Our convenient, scalable solutions—developed through years of working with the United Nations, the Federal Reserve, and the World Bank—help government agencies and nonprofits write effectively.

Effective writing to communicate policy—or change it
ClearWriter’s products teach writing that gets results, focusing on delivering powerful messages through careful planning, compelling prose, and meticulous editing.

To produce a sound writing plan, members of an international organization’s writing team—needing to distill vast experience and information into a coherent publication for many audiences—used ClearWriter’s ClearPlans to plan the 2008 flagship report. A two-hour workshop reinforced ClearWriter’s planning techniques. And two days’ worth of content planning sessions helped team members identify the report’s main and supporting messages and prepare detailed paragraph-by-paragraph plans for the overview and 10 body chapters. After the chapter authors assembled their first drafts, they used ClearWriter’s reviewing techniques to affirm the messages and story line, change the sequence of sections, remedy imbalances, make headings parallel, and come up with plans and timetables for producing the next drafts.
  • Write with greater impact by asking careful questions about your audience and goals.
  • Slash preparation time from group reports—among the most difficult writing challenges for any organization—with ClearWriter’s proven prewriting methods.
  • Communicate messages forcefully with compelling, elegant prose.
  • Write fewer drafts and get them approved faster by supervisors.
  • Boost your image—as an individual or as an organization—by learning the fundamentals of effective writing and eliminating common errors of grammar and usage.
  • Writing workshops tailored to what you write
    There’s no faster way to transform how your organization communicates than ClearWriter’s workshops, taught by world-class writers and editors who work with demanding clients every day. And we offer writing workshops that fit your needs—whether a quick review of basic grammar and usage or a working session to prepare a paragraph-by-paragraph plan for a critical document.

    A professional editor for every email and memo
    Because everything you write reflects on your organization, we developed ClearEdits editing software—an intuitive, scalable, and customizable solution that works with Microsoft Word®. It’s like having an editor inside your PC.

    Learn proven writing techniques—any time, anywhere
    ClearWriter’s online training—25 interactive courses—can help anyone plan, write, and edit like a pro. Because all you need is a web browser and an internet connection, it’s suitable for organizations of any size, anywhere in the world. And ClearWriter’s advanced administrative module means that supervisors can easily manage users and track progress.

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