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Browse the Web’s best collection of free writing resources — dictionaries, style guides, and grammar and usage tips that the people behind ClearWriter use in their 9–5 jobs as writers and editors.
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ClearWriter teaches writing secrets you never learned in school. Whether you want to get admitted, get better grades, or get your points across, effective writing is the key skill for academic success. But too often schools don’t teach the best—and fastest—techniques.

ClearWriter can help. Passionate about great writing, we’ve pored over the best essays and books to find out what distinguishes the most eloquent and powerful. And because we teach solid writing skills rather than corporate gimmicks, ClearWriter’s products are suitable for academic writing in any field.

With users from Stanford University, Washington University in St. Louis, Morehead State University, and West Point, ClearWriter has a proven record working for students. And at American University, our online training was one of two “textbooks” for its Writing for Mass Communications class.

  • Impress teachers, admissions officers, and prospective employers by mastering advanced techniques to make your writing memorable.
  • Avoid embarrassing mistakes in grammar and usage: dangling modifiers, misused words, unclear pronouns, and many more.
  • Write better essays, letters, and even theses and dissertations—in less time.
  • Online training—powerful strategies for solid academic writing
    With ClearWriter’s online writing course library—25 interactive courses—you can learn at your own pace, anywhere in the world. You’ll learn the fundamentals of effective writing: how to plan carefully, how to draft eloquent and powerful paragraphs and sentences, and how to use editing techniques to ensure appealing style and correct usage.

    Put a professional editor inside Microsoft Word®
    You can improve the clarity and readability of your writing immediately with ClearEdits editing software. It offers thousands of powerful suggestions to trim fat, choose better words, and avoid awkward constructions. You’ll edit in a fraction of the time.

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