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Browse the Web’s best collection of free writing resources — dictionaries, style guides, and grammar and usage tips that the people behind ClearWriter use in their 9–5 jobs as writers and editors.
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Too many students struggle through high school, college, and even graduate school without learning the fundamentals of good writing. But writing instruction is often difficult to integrate into the curriculum.

ClearWriter can help. Passionate about great writing, we’ve pored over the best essays and reports to find out what distinguishes the most eloquent and powerful. And because we teach solid writing skills rather than corporate gimmicks, ClearWriter’s products are suitable for academic writing in any field.

  • Boost the speed, clarity, and effectiveness of student writing.

  • Realizing that faculty were spending too much time teaching basic writing skills, the American University School of Communications decided to run a pilot program to explore integrating ClearWriter into the course curriculum of Writing for Mass Communication. The pilot was a success, and ClearWriter became one of two required “textbooks.” Professors monitored student progress on ClearWriter’s interactive courses and assigned pre-tests, midterms, and finals that were taken online and scored automatically.
  • Save valuable classroom time for teaching academic content, not basic writing skills.
  • Benefit from ClearWriter’s proven record with academic writing—our products have been used in university courses, and we edit two peer-reviewed economics journals.
  • Online training—powerful strategies for solid academic writing
    With ClearWriter’s online course library—25 interactive courses—students can learn at their own pace, anywhere in the world. Students will learn the fundamentals of effective writing: how to plan carefully, how to draft eloquent and powerful paragraphs and sentences, and how to use editing techniques to ensure appealing style and correct usage.

    ClearWriter’s advanced administrative module allows teachers to easily add new students and track progress.

    Writing workshops for students or staff
    Our workshops, led by world-class writers and editors, suit seminars of a dozen people and classes of hundreds. They can focus on comprehensive training or critical skills, depending on your needs. We also offer workshops that review key editing skills for writing center employees and peer writing tutors.

    A professional editor for students and teachers—inside Word®
    ClearEdits editing software helps writers learn, offering thousands of powerful suggestions to improve the clarity and readability of academic writing quickly. It helps writers trim fat, choose better words, and avoid awkward constructions. And instructors can spend less time grading by using ClearEdits to identify and correct awkward phrases and misused words.

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