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Great writing can be taught—and it’s far more than just correct grammar. With decades of experience as writers and editors, we’ve pored over the best essays, books, and corporate memos to figure out what sets apart the most powerful and persuasive. The result? ClearWriter—a complete writing training software system for individuals and organizations.

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Led by world-class writers and editors with decades of experience, ClearWriter workshops can help you slash time from team writing projects, train in-house writers and editors, and cut embarrassing and costly errors.
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Like the semicolon, the colon joins in one sentence two ideas or elements that might be expressed in separate sentences, strengthening the bond. The second elements are often definitions, elaborations, or embellishments. Here’s an example from The Economist’s "The day after Super Tuesday":

He [Barack Obama] also snatched two prizes on the coast: tiny Delaware and, more symbolically, Connecticut.

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