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Put an editor inside your PC with ClearEdits—writing editing software that automates ClearWriter’s powerful writing techniques.
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ClearEdits Grammar Check and Writing Course Software

Online writing training—secrets you never learned in school

Your writing creates an impression. There’s no faster way to command respect—or to lose it. Fortunately, effective writing can be systematized and taught. But it’s far more than just correct grammar.

Effective writing is concise, direct, concrete, and detailed. ClearWriter’s 25 online writing courses teach straightforward techniques for planning, writing, and editing to help anyone
write better and faster.

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The team _____ nine players.

A. Composes

B. Comprises

C. Constitutes

  • Save time with tested strategies for planning—tailoring your writing to audience and purpose and presenting your arguments logically.
  • Command and sustain your readers’ attention by writing stunning sentences and powerful paragraphs—whether you do academic, professional, or business writing.
  • Satisfy the most demanding critics by applying hundreds of standard edits to communicate with precision.
  • Master new writing techniques with interactive lessons and get instant feedback with recommended solutions.
  • Manage multi-user licenses easily with ClearWriter’s advanced administrative tools.
  • Try a sample lesson from our free demo.
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