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For books, articles, and reports that demand the best, consider writing and editing services from Communications Development, ClearWriter’s parent company
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Writing workshops for more effective writing

What would more effective writing mean to your organization? What if internal memos and client emails put you in the best possible light? What if your flagship publications communicated strong messages with power and grace? What if senior managers could slash time—and aggravation—from writing projects?

ClearWriter workshops can help you get there. Led by world-class writers and editors, our writing seminars are based on proprietary techniques developed by founder Bruce Ross-Larson.

  • Cut preparation time from group reports—among the most difficult writing challenges for any organization—with ClearWriter’s proven prewriting methods.
  • Eliminate awkward phrases and common usage errors.
  • Learn more effectively by combining workshops with ClearWriter’s online training.
  • Rely on experienced professionals—for years we’ve delivered workshops to the World Bank, the United Nations, Ernst & Young, and many others, teaching the basics of effective business writing, professional writing, and academic writing.
  • Choose writing seminars that meet your needs—half-day grammar reviews, one-day planning workshops, two-day comprehensive writing workshops, working sessions to plan critical documents, or training sessions for in-house writers and editors.
  • Learn more about our workshop options. Or explore the workbooks we use.

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